Extracurricular Activities

Daffodils strives to achieve a good balance between academics and extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities help students to improve their communication skills, Enhance their leadership qualities and abilities,Team management,Develop interpersonal skills,Improve their creativity

Grooming & Etiqueties Training

  Color synopsis
  Face contouring
  Correct shape of eye brows
  Eye make-up
  Blusher application
  Lipstick application
  Analysis of skin texture
  Maintainance of skin
  Application of face packs for different types of skin
  Skin problems & remedies
  Hair analysis
  Maintainance of different Hair types
  Styles for different face shapes

Students are also involved in several co-curricular activities like

 Group Discussions
 Swimming competition
 Training in hotels
 Quiz competition
 Sports Meets
 Cultural Meets
 Industrial Visits
 Skits & Role Plays
 Collage making
 Educational tours
 Live projects & assignments